Zioncheck Rummy | Rules and Guidelines to Play

Christo Thomas | July 19th, 2014 | How To Play Rummy

zioncheck rummy

Zioncheck is a popular and a classic variant of rummy. It is said that Contract Rummy and other popular variations originated from this Zioncheck Rummy. The rules and gameplay of the game relates so much to that of Shanghai Rummy or phase 10 too.

If you know how to play Contract or Shanghai Rummy, it will be easy for you to learn Zioncheck Rummy as the rules and gameplay are similar. Multiple decks of standard 52 cards along with Joker cards and wildcards are used in this variant. There is no maximum limit for the number of players in this variation of rummy game and therefore it is one of the most engaging forms of rummy.

A total of 6 hands are played in each game of Zioncheck rummy. The dealing of cards also varies in these 6 hands of cards. 10 cards are dealt in the first four hands, 11 in the fifth and 14 cards in the last and the final hand. The remaining cards form the draw pile by placing them facing downwards.

The objective of the game is as same as that of the contract rummy. You have to make melds with or without Joker or wildcards even though you should add them only if it is necessary. The player with minimum points wins the hand of Zioncheck Rummy. Whereas the other players will have to count the ranks of cards to make their points and the game continues.

The scoring in Zioncheck Rummy is as follows:

Cards from 2 to 9 carries 5 points, A, Joker or Wildcards carries 15 points and J,Q and K carries 10 points. So, when you are playing Zioncheck rummy always try to discard the high point cards first so that even if you loss, you can get an advantage of low points in next hand.

Do try this exciting variation of rummy with your friends and let us know how you like it by commenting below. Also, do checkout other variations of rummy explained in our “How to Play” section.

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