Weekend Whistle at Adda52

Christo Thomas | May 12th, 2017 | News and Promotions

Weekend Whistle

When it comes to offering top notch gaming services and intriguing offers to players, Adda52 stands out. The latest promotion from Adda52 is known as Weekend Whistle which is designed to make your weekend more exciting. The weekend is a fantastic time to enjoy time with yourself, and Adda52 just knows how to make it even more entertaining.

Weekend Whistle

You can win from an amazing prize pool of Rs.40,000 using this fantastic promotion. So, head straight to Adda52 to take part in this fantastic weekend whistle promotion.

Weekend Whistle Details

The weekend whistle promotion is designed for the regular rummy players at Adda52. If you are the one who loves to play rummy at Adda52, you can easily win this contest. You can play in different rummy tables according to your skill and win fabulous cash prizes. The players who earn the highest loyalty points can win in this special promotion. Please find the details of the supported tables below:

Tables Entry Criteria Schedule Hands Count
13 Cards (5x & Above) Free Friday to Sunday 100+ games
21 Cards (3x & Above)
13 Cards Marriage (5x & Above)


The prize pool of Rs.10,000 will be distributed every week among the top three players who have earned maximum loyalty points between Friday to Sunday. So start playing and make maximum loyalty points to win the contest. The winner of the weekly contest wins Rs.5000 and the second and third winners will win Rs.3000 and Rs.2000 each.

So, if you are ready to take part in the special promotion, head straight to Adda52 and start playing now. Please do let us know how the special contest went for you in the comment section below. If you are new to rummy, visit our tutorial section to learn how to play rummy card game. Keep Playing!

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