Websites that Offer 24×7 Rummy Games


Rummy websites are on a boom and most websites nowadays are offering 24×7 rummy games to both free and cash rummy players. The boom is only because of the rise in the internet and mobile industry which allowed many traditional card game enthusiasts to spend more time on the games they love.

As online rummy websites allow the players to join the website for free and reward them with sign up bonus, we might be seeing a leap on the number of players enjoying the 13 cards rummy game. Some of the websites which are popular in providing 24×7 rummy games are listed below.

Ace2Three Rummy

Ace2Three Rummy is the first website from India to offer 24×7 rummy games. They are famous for offering big rummy tournaments with a maximum of 2500 players and lakhs in cash prizes. The tables in Ace2Three are decent looking with features like chat sessions, discard and sort buttons to arrange your 13 cards. The rummy website notifies the players of their turn with a sound and also allows the players to increase their game time with a feature known as Xtra Time.

Ace2Three allows the players to try their skills in variations of rummy like Points Rummy, Points Rummy and Best of 3. Instead of making a deposit in Ace2Three and playing for cash, the website have an option to purchase real chips which works as a virtual money. Players can make their entry to the table with these real chips and play cash rummy. Ace2Three also offers occasional bonus offers which ranges from 10% to 50% extra real chips while you make your chip purchases.


Formerly known as Games 24×7, RummyCircle is popular for providing a gaming experience that is pleasing as well as rewarding. The top players from the website claim RummyCircle to be one of the best platforms to play 24×7 rummy games. The website offers a easy to navigate user interface and table design which allows the players to play the game seamlessly. The joker cards in RummyCircle are marked as Jokers unlike other rummy websites which allows the players to identify the cards much easier and add them into the melds they need to. RummyCircle also allows the players to interact with other players which will help them to polish their game for future games.

RummyCircle allows the players to practice their games with practice tables and also have cash rummy tables of Pool, Points and Deals rummy. The rummy website has a club feature which rewards the top players with bonus and cashback offers on their deposits. Other than this, RummyCircle hosts Rewardz Tournament which can be joined by redeeming the reward points you have earned by playing cash rummy games.


Adda52 is popular for online poker events and is the first website to offer a poker platform for Indian card game enthusiasts. Adda52’s online rummy platform is similarly popular with rummy tournaments running on both 13 cards and 21 cards format. Adda52 offers 24×7 rummy games with a touch of style offering players to change the theme of the table they are playing on. Players can also take notes of the game with the Note feature and can even add similar rummy game lovers with the Buddy Requests feature.

Adda52 allows the players to play either with the practice chips or with the real cash on both 13 cards and 21 cards rummy format. The website also categorizes the players into Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze according to the wagering and chip purchases made. There are also rummy tournaments conducted according the club level and can be joined by redeeming your loyalty points. The minimum amount required to make a withdrawal in this website is Rs.100.

Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy claims to be the fastest growing online rummy website from India and is famous for hosting some of the best out-of-the-box promotions, tournaments and deals. The website offers 24×7 rummy games in both 13 cards and 21 cards format. A player can enjoy his game time in rummy variants like Pool, Points and Deals rummy format. The tables of Junglee Rummy are gorgeously made with multiple 2D and 3D themes along with avatars and easy to use features like Sort button, Discard button and an option to take notes while you are playing the game.

As Junglee Rummy is still in a growing phase, more and more features are getting launched each day. The chat option allows the players to have a conversation with their opponents. Junglee Rummy allows the players to sign up with a Welcome Bonus which can be used on freeroll as well as cash rummy tables. With special rummy tournaments to celebrate the festivals, Junglee Rummy is one of the best rummy websites to play 24×7 rummy games.

Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy boasts of one of the biggest online rummy website from India with over thousands of players winning lakhs in real cash. The website offers less on bonuses and cashback but is famous for offering some of the biggest tournaments from which players can earn lakhs just by showcasing their card gaming skills. The rummy website is loaded with features like chat option, buttons for discard, sort and a window to know what all cards your opponents have discarded.

As said earlier, Classic Rummy offers little on bonuses and offers but do offer a bonus on sign ups. A player can earn 100% bonus and also an instant cashback on his first deposit. Other than these players can avail exciting cashback on deposits if they pay via different payment wallet services like PayTM, MobiKwik etc. Players are allowed to enjoy rummy formats like Pool, Points and Deals rummy on cash rummy as well as freeroll tables.

KhelPlay Rummy

KhelPlay Rummy is the newbie in the 24×7 rummy games platform. The website is popular now for offering some of best rummy promotions and tournaments that are held both on the PC and mobile devices. KhelPlay have recently updated their website with better user interface and a 2D view for the tables. The offer daily rummy promotions and tournaments with cash prizes of up to Rs.5000 which can be joined with an entry fee as less as Rs.10. Other than these, they also host rummy tournaments that run over a span of 5-6 days with lakhs in cash prizes.

KhelPlay Rummy is new to the industry and they are still in progress to make the website one of the best in playing 24×7 rummy games. The loyal players in the website are rewarded with rummy tournaments and extra bonus cash on deposits.

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