Web of Cards promotion at Junglee Rummy

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Web of Cards Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy always comes up with promotions that are relevant to the current events. This is where Junglee Rummy stands out. They always make sure that all the festive events are never left unnoticed. Customer satisfaction is one of the major factors that Junglee Rummy considers while designing their promotions. The web of cards promotion is associated with the release of the all time superhero movie Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Are you ready for the web of cards promotion at Junglee Rummy? Head straight to Junglee Rummy and win couple movie tickets!

Web of cards schedule and details

The web of cards promotion is tailored for the players who love to play online rummy games in Junglee Rummy. All you have to do is to play more than 200 cash games to win couple movie tickets. You can use this coupon to purchase tickets to your favourite movie.

The contest will be hosted on the site on 7th July 2017. You need to play more than 200 points rummy cash games of Rs.8 and above. The first 100 players who complete this challenge will win the couple movie tickets. So, if you are a movie buff who loves playing Junglee Rummy, start playing today and win your loving prize!

Do keep in mind to count the number of games during the promotion period. Also start early in the morning as the contest is limited to the first 100 winners who complete the challenge. The tickets will be awarded to the winners on 10th July 2017. So start playing now and enjoy Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Please comment below what you would like to see next on Rummy Mania. We also host a broad range of rummy tutorials. Also, let us know in the comments section on how the Junglee Rummy contest went for you.

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