RummyCircle 4th Annual Sankranti Rummy Tournament

admin | January 13th, 2016 | Rummy Tournaments

sankranti rummy tournament

Make this Sankranti festival a joyous one with RummyCircle and win cash prizes worth Rs.10 lakhs over a course of 7 days. Join the special Sankranti Rummy Tournament starting from 11th January and get your tickets to compete in grand finale for a big cash prize of Rs.2 lakhs. You can win up to Rs.1 lakh every day from the qualifiers round from 11th to 16th January. Login and register your seat via your PC or mobile and start playing your ace game!

Sankranti Rummy Tournament Details

The Sankranti Rummy Tournament from RummyCircle will run from 11th to 17th January 2016. There will be 10 qualifier rounds and 1 daily final every day from which you can win your tickets to Sankranti Rummy Tournament Grand Finale along with cash prizes worth Rs.1 lakh. The top 6 players from each day will move to the grand finale scheduled for 17th January at 3:00 PM.

The complete details of the Sankranti Rummy Tournament Qualifiers, Daily Final and Grand Finale are as mentioned in the table given below:

Tournament Rounds Entry Fee Schedule Prize Pool

Qualifier 1

Rs.10 11th to 16th Jan @ 01:30 AM

Rs.1700 + 34 Tickets

Sunrise Jackpot

Free 11th to 16th Jan @ 07:00 AM

Rs.5000 + 140 Tickets

Mobile Qualifier 1

Rs.25 11th to 16th Jan @ 09:30 AM

Rs.4250 + 102 Tickets

Qualifier 2

Rs.25 11th to 16th Jan @ 09:30 AM

Rs.4250 + 68 Tickets

Qualifier 3

Rs.100 11th to 16th Jan @ 11:00 AM

Rs.13200 + 50 Tickets

Mobile Qualifier 2

Rs.10 11th to 16th Jan @ 12:30 PM

Rs.4250 + 168 Tickets

Special Jumbo

Free 11th to 16th Jan @ 02:30 PM

Rs.30000 + 1334 Tickets

Qualifier 4

Rs.50 11th to 16th Jan @ 03:30 PM

Rs.21250 + 168 Tickets

Mobile Qualifier 3

Rs.100 11th to 16th Jan @ 04:30 PM

Rs.8800 + 51 Tickets

Qualifier 5


11th to 16th Jan @ 04:30 PM

Rs.21250 + 40 Tickets

Daily Final Ticket 11th to 16th Jan @ 08:00 PM

Rs.1 Lakh + Grand Finale Ticket

Grand Finale

Grand Finale Ticket 17th Jan @ 03:00 PM

Rs.2 Lakhs

Only the players having a cash rummy account will be eligible to take part in this special Sankranti rummy tournament. To become a cash player, make a minimum deposit of Rs.100 on RummyCircle and play a minimum of one cash rummy game.

To know more about this website and their promotions, bonuses, offers and deals, read our review on RummyCircle. If you have any query or feedback on this special festive tourney, post it in the comment section below.

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