Joker in Rummy

Online Rummy Strategies – How to Play ...

Jokers play a crucial role in rummy; known as life saviors, they can be used in place of any...More »

gin rummy

Rummy Strategies : Winner Tactics for Gi...

Gin Rummy is one of the most popular variant of rummy played worldwide. To win constantly in this game,...More »

Online Rummy Strategies

Online Rummy Strategies – Analysing St...

The first act is often called as the final act in card games. If you step in and enter...More »

Online Rummy Strategies for Beginners

Mastering the game of rummy requires a lot of skills. However, if you are smart in using some rummy...More »

Autumn Blast Promotion

Autumn Blast Promotion at Adda52

Adda52 is celebrating the arrival autumn with a blast! You can enjoy the season’s freshness with Adda52 and their...More »

online rummy

Advanced Online Rummy Strategies

If you want to gain a win in online rummy, you have to make sure you polish your skills...More »

rummy players

The 3 Types of Online Rummy Players

Ok, so you have joined an online rummy website and you do enjoy playing every day. But do you...More »

rummy tactic

Online Rummy Tactics and Strategies to W...

In both online and physical rummy they key rummy tactic to your victory is improving your skills. The more...More »

rummy player

How to be a Great Rummy Player?

This question comes to our mind every now and then if we are a rummy player. Online rummy is...More »

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