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admin | August 20th, 2014 | Online Rummy Reviews

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Rummy Royal is an online rummy website powered by if you are a regular rummy player in you might be knowing how good the website and user interface is. The website is a flow of art and it is super easy to access your favorite variant of rummy game from Rummy Royal.

Today, we are here to review the website and gameplay of Rummy Royal if you are not aware of it. So, have a look and play if you find it good as we did.

Rummy Royal Website

Rummy Royal website, as we said earlier, is so good. You can move around to any variant of rummy game you want to play with just a click. Even the promotions and bonuses page can be seen on the secondary category under the Rummy tab and so you don’t have to search the whole site to find it. Moreover, there are other categories that are related to They are Sports, Live Betting, Casino, Live Casino, Slots, Games, Poker, Bingo and Binary Options. We will be reviewing only the Rummy category out of these.

Game Variants

Rummy Royal has the highest number of rummy variants to play from. You can choose between Rummy 500, Gin, 51 Rummy, 40 Rummy, Oklahoma, Okey, Burraco or Canasta out of the many! As Rummy Royal provides a download client, you just need to click on your favorite variant to download on your PC and start playing. It’s just so simple.

Rummy Royal Promotions offers great offers from the time you become a registered user. Get $5 after you complete your registration and get 100% bonus up to $200 on your first deposit. It’s the best welcome bonus you can claim as compared to any other online rummy website. The other rummy promotions include leaderboard promotions; refer a friend, slots etc.


You can play your favorite game of rummy in the language of your choice. Select between English, Italian, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and more. This allows players to play with opponents of different ethnicity and race and know their rummy skills.

Rummy Royal impressed us a lot with the kind of flexibility it provides its players. It is undoubtedly one of the best rummy websites around and we do recommend you to download your favorite rummy variant and play with players all around the world. Let us know your feedback and suggestions on this article in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to read and rate our other review article posted under Online Rummy Reviews.

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