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admin | November 21st, 2014 | Rummy Tournaments

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Join the hourly tournaments from Rummy Circle and win a jackpot every hour. This November, you can win cash prizes of up to Rs.5.7 lakhs just by playing hourly tournaments. The entry to the tournament is free. You can join the tournament any day all this November. The tournaments registration starts from 9 AM and will close on 10:55 PM.

rummy circle

In Rummy Circle Hourly Jackpot Tournament, a player can win up to Rs.14000 every day. The tournament is open to both cash and free players. The winner of the hourly tournament can gain up to Rs.2000. The Rummy Circle Hourly Jackpot Tournament details are as given below:

Name Registration Time Start Time Total Cash Prize*
Hourly Jackpot 9:00 AM – 10:55 AM 11:00 AM 2750 (1stPrize 2,000)
Hourly Jackpot 11:15 AM – 12:55 PM 1:00 PM 2750 (1stPrize 2,000)
Hourly Jackpot 1:15 PM – 2:55 PM 3:00 PM 2750 (1stPrize 2,000)
Hourly Jackpot 3:15 PM – 4:55 PM 5:00 PM 2750 (1stPrize 2,000)
Hourly Jackpot 5:15 PM – 6:55 PM 7:00 PM 2750 (1stPrize 2,000)
Hourly Jackpot 7:15 PM – 8:55 PM 9:00 PM 2750 (1stPrize 2,000)
Hourly Jackpot 9:15 PM – 10:55 PM 11:00 PM 2750 (1stPrize 2,000)

To know more about Rummy Circle rummy website, you can read our rummy website review in Online Rummy Reviews category. Let us know how good the gameplay was in the tournament and we will try to add your feedback and suggestions in our next post about Rummy Circle. Furthermore, you can comment your views and suggestions on articles in the comment section below.

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