Rummy Circle Beginners’ Online Rummy Tournament

admin | October 13th, 2014 | Rummy Tournaments

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Love to play cash rummy games with Rummy Circle? Don’t just jump to a professional cash rummy table after depositing cash in your account from now on. Rummy Circle has made it easy for amateur players to try their skills against the equally skilled amateur players on cash rummy tables.

rummy circle

After making your first deposit with RummyCircle, join the Beginners’ Rummy Tournament which gives you a way to experience the thrills of playing cash rummy. Get your tickets for the Beginners’ Rummy Tournament when you deposit and compete against 100 players for a cash prize of up to Rs.3000. The winner will be taking home Rs.1000. You will get guaranteed prize money of Rs.10 whatever the result of the tournament is.

Rummy Circle Beginners’ Rummy Tournament Schedule

The tournament schedule and prize details are as given below:

Tournament Starts Registration Time Entry Total Cash Prize* First Prize* Guaranteed Prize*
Every Day @ 7:00 PM 2:00PM to 6:55PM Ticket 3,000 1,000 10

The validity of the ticket is for one day only. So, make a deposit with Rummy Circle today and claim your ticket for an easy fortune.

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