Rules to Play and Win in Point Rummy

Christo Thomas | June 10th, 2014 | Rummy Games

points rummy

If you love to play Indian online rummy, then you might know about point rummy and pool games. Points Rummy is the fastest format of the online rummy in which a game lasts for one deal only. The winner gets the chips from other players depending on the count and bet value. Pool games are yet another popular format of online rummy in which a player with lowest point wins. 101 pool, 201 pool and Best of Three are the most popular formats played in online rummy websites.

Rules to Play Points Rummy

In order to score a victory in Points Rummy game, you need to know the rules first.

  • Each game lasts for 1 deal only.
  • Points have a pre-determined value
  • In Points Rummy, the First Drop costs 10 points, Middle Drop costs 30 points and Full Count is 80 points maximum
  • Jokers: 2 Printed Jokers and Card Jokers in all the rounds
  • To win in a game of Points Rummy, you need:
    1. One Pure Life (Straight sequence without any Joker) – Compulsory, else you get full count.
    2. One more Life with/without Joker – Compulsory
    3. Remaining cards can be melded into sets of 3 or 4 cards. You can also have additional straight sequences with the remaining cards.
  • The player with a confirmed show gets 0; others get points that are a total of the deadwood (not used in valid runs or sets) cards that they hold
  • If you Leave during a Points Rummy game, Penalty = Full Count X Bet will be deducted.
  • These points are calculated at the finish of very deal.
  • The winning player gets Reward Amount = Total Points of all Losing Players X Points Value – Rake. For example, if the Points Value is 3 and the five players lose with 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, then the winner’s winning amount will be;

Reward Amount= (10+20+30+40+50)x3=450-Rake

This fast form of online rummy is best if you love to play games really fast rather than waiting for the results. You can also earn some quick cash from this format.

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