Player of the year – POY leaderboard tournament at Adda52

Christo Thomas | December 2nd, 2016 | News and Promotions

The battle begins at Adds52 as it is time for another amazing leaderboard competition to find the epic player of the year. This is another important time of the year at Adda52 as the players competes to find the ultimate rummy guru. Take part in this amazing rummy leaderboard series to win from the prize pool of Rs.50,000. So start earning your points today and earn the fame and fortune from the rummy masters.

poy leaderboard

The top 3 players of the season will be receiving cash prize from the total prize pool of Rs.50000. So start collecting your POY points today and win the amazing battle. Participate in rummy games and rummy tournaments hosted in Adda52 to earn your POY points. The points will be different for each of the rummy games and tournaments will differ and the aggregate of the POY points in the leaderboard will be considered for the prize.

The secret to win the POY leaderboard is to be consistent in the winnings so that you will have higher POY points in the leaderboard. The main attraction of the POY leaderboard is that it combines the players from multiple skill levels and bankrolls to compete in one leaderboard. The winner of the POY leaderboard series will be receiving a POY trophy with the name engraved on it!

Player of the year POY leaderboard Details

Please refer the table below for the promotions that are running in Adda52 and the POY points that could be received from the same.

Promotion Name RANK 1 RANK 2 RANK 3
Winter Warriors 5 Pts. 3 Pts. 2 Pts.
Max Multiplier
Rummy Bash
Race 2 Redeem
Monday Madness 3 Pts. 2 Pts. 1 Pts.
Weekend Whistle
Clash 4 Cash
Sunday Showdown


Be a part of this historic event and start to earn POY points today. Be consistent with your win and be the POY winner. Visit the lederboard section in the website and see your rank. Keep playing!

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