Poker India

Poker games are becoming a norm in India just like the way traditional rummy games moved to online platforms to gain more followers. Nowadays, more players are investing their valuable time and money in some sort of card games like online poker that helps to entertain them as well as to make money.

With poker becoming a trend along with other card games like rummy, blackjack and teenpatti, gaming portals are adding this game of luck and bluff into their portfolio in high priority. Now there are over a dozen of websites that a game enthusiast can select to play poker online. Although most of them are safe and secure to play on, a background check is always good before you hit the play button.

PokerIndia, an online poker website review site is one such platform which helps the game enthusiasts to pick and play poker online safely. The review website rates the top poker websites from India and abroad depending on the game experience they offer to both free and cash players. The rating points are entirely based on the game play, tournaments, promotions and special deals along with customer service each online poker game website provides. Each of the website reviewed in PokerIndia are done by the masters of the game who have years of experience in playing in offline tournaments including WSOP.

PokerIndia is not just a review website but also a great portal to learn poker game variants like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, HORSE etc. They have a tutorial page as well as videos of some of the best live poker games ever which can be beneficial to you if you are looking to improve your strategy. PokerIndia have a list of pro players who have years of experience playing in online and live poker tournaments like World Series of Poker. They share the best strategies and updates about all the new poker events around the globe which will help you to plan your poker gaming calendar.

PokerIndia is one of the best sites when it comes to review online poker websites. Getting updates of the game like promotions, bonus offers and both live and online poker game tournaments makes PokerIndia stand apart from other poker platforms.

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