How to Pick a Good Online Rummy Site?

admin | April 15th, 2014 | Online Rummy Reviews

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Many rummy players are finding free time to play different variants of rummy since the game has went online. But still most of the players are cautious when it comes to cash games. To deal with this issue, an online rummy site should work as an open book both in terms of usability and guidelines. Some of the factors to decide whether the rummy website is an open book or not is mentioned below:

Explanation of Rules, Terms and Conditions:  It might not be as important but when it comes to playing online rummy, the rules of the game, the payment terms and conditions etc. should be clearly mentioned. In online rummy, there is a chat option, so a different guideline should be provided there mentioning the chat regulations. This will avoid any sort of arguments the player might be having while playing the game.

Displaying Promotions, Rewards and Bonuses: Special rummy promotions and bonuses make the online rummy interesting for the players. A site should give a clear note to the players about the guidelines and how the player can win the mentioned rummy rewards and bonuses. This also helps in reducing future arguments both from customer’s and admin side.

Payment Transaction and Withdrawal Modes: Let your online rummy players know how the financial transaction are done and how much secure are they. You can also mention the payment modes or gateways used, like pay by PayPal, Credit Card, Net Banking etc. This helps you building the authenticity and trust value of your rummy website.

Customer Support: Create a feedback page that helps the online rummy players message you the problems they are facing while playing the games. This can also be a two way fast communication by which you provide a phone number or Skype id by which they can call you up and mention the problem. This helps you in improving the overall gaming experience for the rummy players too.

Social Media: Social engagement is a big factor when it comes to online games. Sharing a life, sharing a turn or sharing some tokens in order to make him play again is a tactic to be used for player acquisition.  This can help you in getting more rummy players into the website, making it more engaging and exciting. Post the images of rummy tournament winners, promotion details and special rewards to get that extra buzz for your rummy website.

To summarize, in order to know how good a rummy site is, whether it is secretive or an open book, check out the points mentioned above. Checklist the points when you are about to play rummy and if you feel it safe, start playing online rummy!

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