Online Rummy Variants : Romanian Tile Rummy or Rummikub

Christo Thomas | March 28th, 2014 | How To Play Rummy

Romanian Tile Rummy

The Guidelines for Romanian Tile Rummy

Romanian Tile Rummy is played on wood made tiles. There are 106 tiles which comes in four different colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. There are two in every color and the numbers are 1-13, and the outstanding two tiles will have the image of a cheerful face. The tiles are kept on four wooden holders in such a way that only the player can see his tiles.

In Romanian Tile Rummy two to four players can engage in the game. The tiles are blended properly and placed faced down. There will be 15 stacks of seven tiles leaving one left over. A dealer is selected and he deals offering the stack with the extra tile to the players on his right. He deals one stack each and will proceed to deal till all the players have two stacks each. The players organize the tiles on their rack; each payer has 14 tiles other than the player to the right of the dealer, who has 15 tiles. The outstanding tiles are stacked with their face down on the table addressing drawing stock.

The Doubla
In Romanian Tile Rummy, a player with two similar tiles can declare “doubla,” and any two players can trade the “doubla,” but they are not able to give any details about the tiles. If you are put up with a tile that is similar to the revealed tile then you must publicize it and you will be given a extra of 25 points at the end of the game.

Romanian Tile Rummy aims at generating sets and runs that can be melded. You can meld by taking the tiles from the wall. If you have a combo in your hand you can meld the tiles from the rack. After you pull, you will have to get rid of one tile face up. The removed tiles are positioned in the order that they are removed.

Sets, Runs and Joly
In Romanian Tile Rummy, there are two types of relevant combos – sets and runs. A set can be made of three or four tiles of the same number in different colors. A run is comprised of tiles that are in successive order of the similar color. A 1 can be used to meld a 1-2-3 run. Or you could make a run with 12-13-1. Even so, you cannot place a 1 in the center of the run. The two non-numbered tiles are known as a joly. You can use a joly in place of any tile you may need to make a run but when you use it, you will have to name it after the card it is supposed to replace, and you cannot change it after that. You can use more than one joly in a run but there must be tiles more than double the jolys used. The tiles are of various values – 2 to 9 have 5 points each; 10 to 13 have 10 points each and 1 takes different values. A joly takes the value of the tile it symbolizes.

No Tile can be part of Two Sets or Runs
You must first meld from the tiles that you have in your hands. You can meld sets or runs, but the overall value of the melded tiles should be a minimum of 50. Only after that can you draw and discard tiles. You can add tiles to the set or runs that you or others have melded. However, no tile can be part of two sets or runs.

In Romanian Tile Rummy, if you have only two tiles in your hand, then you can just draw from the wall. To win you must meld all your tiles apart from one, which you will have to eliminate.

Scoring for the game is done applying a lot of rules. Each tile represents a different score, based upon upon the way it is used. Romanian Tile Rummy is very exciting and it is a game that you can master only by playing it as frequently as you can.

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