Online Rummy Strategies – Using the Discards Section

admin | March 26th, 2014 | Rummy Strategies

Online Rummy

Indian Rummy is a complex card game of picks and discards. All the strategies you formulate are based on the type of cards discarded by you and your opponents. A good rummy player is one who keeps a track of all the cards discarded by his opponents and never lets any of his cards be of use to them.

Playing with real cards requires good memory as you need to record the trail of cards discarded by your opponents. If you forget any one of them, you may discard a card that could be advantageous to your opponent. However, in online rummy games you need not have to memorize all the cards as you can easily view and track them by using the Discards Section. This is one of the main advantages of playing online rummy games, as you can use the Discards Section and record of all the discarded cards.

Discards section gives a great insight into the type of hand cards of your opponents. If you follow it closely, you will be able to understand the pattern of strategies used by your opponents.

The Discards Section is available in most of the online rummy games sites. It helps to formulate your decisions, as every move of your opponents can be tracked easily. As you know every card discarded by your opponent, you can easily predict their next moves and stay ahead of the game.

If you wondering on how to use the Discards Section in the right way, here is a suitable example: if your opponent has discarded a King of Clubs, you can track it the Discards Section and assume that he does not have any card close to the discarded one like Queen, Jack and Ace of Clubs. If you have any of these cards, you can discard them, as there are less chances of your opponent picking it. In this way, you don’t give any advantage to your opponent by discarding any favorable card.

Remember, online rummy is a game of picks and discards; thus, what you discard matters a lot. So, use the Discards Section and make the right move while discarding your cards to win more in online rummy games.

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