Online Rummy Strategies – Playing with High Cards

admin | March 27th, 2014 | Rummy Strategies


It is quite tricky to play with high value cards in 13 Cards Rummy. Known for having 10 points each, the face cards are the least favored ones in rummy. Stripped from any special power or role, they simply add burden with unwanted points. So, how will play with high value cards? Don’t worry! You just need to use improvised strategies while playing rummy with such cards.

The simplest strategy would be to discard them right away. If you are dealt with lots of Aces, Kings, Queens or Jacks, the wisest move would be to discard them and save yourself from accumulating high points. If your hand gets rid of any high value cards, you will not be penalised with lots of points if your opponent declares first. So, get rid of high value cards if you calculate less possibilities of making a sets or sequences with them in online rummy games.

Besides discarding them right away, there is also another way to play rummy with high cards. Expert players use it as a bait to trap other players. The general tendency of most of the players is to discard such cards but if you see someone picking a high value cards, it would mean only one thing – he has already formed a sequence or set. So, if your opponent picked a K♥, you could easily infer that he could have made a set of Kings or formed a sequence of A♥ K♥ Q♥ or K♥ Q♥ J♥. Your opponent is now a step closer to win the game; so, if you have A♥, J♥ or 10♥, don’t discard it to help him continue his sequence. However, you can discard another K if you have, as the chances of forming a four card set in online rummy games is very rare.

One more way of playing high value cards is to let others discard them and take advantage out of it. If you have two consecutive high value cards or a pair, don’t discard them right away; wait till your third or fourth move. As most of the online rummy players usually discard high cards during their initial moves, you could have the chance of picking up your desired card to form a sequence or set.

So, as you have seen, you could choose any of these strategies to play online rummy games with high value cards. The context of the game matters the most; therefore, evaluate the situation at the tables and improvise your strategy to win in rummy games.

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