Online Rummy Games and Personality Analyzation

admin | May 3rd, 2014 | Rummy Strategies

online rummy games

Rummy games need you to have skills that will help you in winning a hand. The game can also have huge impact on your life and it can surely show your best and worst side to your opponent. Because online rummy is a game of skill and not luck, there is a more possibility of showing your personality to random players out there. We have analyzed and pointed out some of the traits that people show while playing online rummy games.

Being Aggressive:

Some players play fast. By their moves in an online rummy game move, we can understand that either they got good cards or they just want to complete the game as fast as possible to begin the next one. They are more dependent on the luck factor rather than the skill factor in rummy games.

Being Cautious:

Being cautious is the smartest move in online rummy games. Some players overdo it and thereby let other players to guess the cards that they might be having too. So, in online rummy games, vary your game speed to confuse other players. If you have a deadwood card and you know you have to discard it, then there’s nothing much to think about.

Being Persistent:

Persistent players are the hardest to beat in a game of online rummy. Rummy game can take twists at any point. You might start with very good cards and end up not winning too. So, never lose your hope if you are having a bad hand. That is the time that you have to use your rummy skills and strategy to the max and try to win.

Being Selfish:

Some players just want to win and they also make sure that their opponents won’t. They will do everything they can to block your sets or sequences by dropping the unfavorable cards. This sometimes gives them the time to collect their cards and to form a meld. By watching them play in online rummy games against each opponent, you can say how selfish that player can be.

As said in the above paragraphs, online rummy games provide you with the easy access to someone’s characters. You can decode people’s mind with online rummy games pretty easily. Play a game of online rummy and let us know what you analyzed from your opponents.

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