Mega Prime Time Offer is Back at Classic Rummy

admin | November 28th, 2017 | Rummy Bonus

Mega Prime Time Offer

Do you love to be the top prime time player at Classic Rummy and win from the whopping prize pool of Rs.5.5 Lakhs? If you are down, keep reading to know how to be the Mega Prime Time winner! Classic Rummy comes up with creative promotions that you can utilise to make the most out of your game. All you have to do is to start playing!

Mega Prime Time Offer Details

The Mega Prime Time offer is tailored for the rummy grinders who like to play cash games. To participate in the Mega Prime Time contest, all you have to do is to play in the following tables between 6:00 PM and 11:59 PM. You can play at Strikes Rummy tables (Bo2 & Bo3) with minimum bet amount of Rs.500 or Pool Rummy tables (101 & 201) with a minimum Rs5 point value, or you can play in deal rummy tables with minimum bet amount is Rs.500.

The winners of the strikes rummy and pool rummy tables will be the top 10 wagers and the top 10 players who have played the maximum number of games. Please find the reward details for the top 10 players in each category below.

Position No of Winners Pool Rummy Strikes Rummy
1 1 25,000 20,000
2 1 17,500 15,000
3 1 15,000 12,500
4 1 10,000 10,000
5 1 7,500 5,000
6 to 10 5 5,000 2,500


So if you are interested in the Mega Prime Time Offer at Classic Rummy, head straight to the site and play classic rummy online between 6:00 PM and 11:59 PM and win big. Please do let us know what you would like to see next on Classic Rummy.

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