Kick-start Mondays at Junglee Rummy

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Kick-start Mondays at Junglee Rummy

If you love playing rummy at Junglee Rummy, you may know how it feels like to be a winner. Junglee Rummy always comes up remarkable promotions that will make your winnings sweeter. The Kick-start Mondays promotion at Junglee Rummy is tailored for the winners where you can win bonus of up to Rs. 20,000 on you winnings!

Kick-start Mondays at Junglee Rummy

If you want to make your winnings more fruitful, you can start playing at Junglee Rummy today. The kick start Mondays promotion will help you to make the most out of your winnings.

Kick-start Mondays Details

The Kick-start Mondays promotion is scheduled to be live on Junglee Rummy on 30th January. You can kick-start the Mondays with an extra bonus on your winnings. You can get a bonus of 2% if you win cash prizes between Rs.5000 and 66,666 of up to Rs.1000. If your winnings are more than Rs.66,667, you can win a winner bonus of 1.5% of up to Rs.20,000.

Winning Amount Rs.5000 to Rs.66,666 Rs.66,667 and Above
Bonus Details 2% Bonus (up to Rs.1000) 1.5% Bonus (up to Rs.20,000)


The trick to win more in a short period is to play on high limit tables. So win more and grab more with the Junglee Rummy kick-start Mondays promotion. Take part in the bonus promotion and do let us know how the special rummy promotion went for you. Comment below your reviews and suggestions on the promotions and bonus offers hosted in Junglee Rummy.

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