Frequent Play Points Promotion Tournament at Adda52

admin | September 15th, 2016 | Rummy Tournaments

Adda52 promotion

Adda52 always comes up with exciting promotions for the online rummy players in India. The latest promotion from Adda52 is named as Frequent Play Points and the prize is a brand new iPad Air 2. Every cash game you play in Adda52 will be rewarded with this amazing promotion. So if you love playing cash rummy at Adda52, you can be the top player and win amazing prizes.

Adda52 promotion

Frequent Play Points Promotion Details

If you are an existing member at Adda52, you can take part in this amazing promotion. If you are not an existing member, you can start a new account and start playing today. The main objective of this promotion is to accumulate Frequent Player Points (FPP) by playing maximum cash games. You can play the 13 cards and 21 cards rummy variants to be eligible for this promotion.

If you are able to be among the first four in the daily leaderboard, you will be eligible to participate in the final event that is scheduled to be live on 1st October 2016. Another attraction is you are able to top the FPP point in the given day, your will receive an instant bonus of Rs.200.

Game Type 21 Cards 13 Cards Points
Practice Games 5X Tables 5X Tables 1 points/game
10X/20X Tables 10X/20X Tables 2 points/game
Cash Games .05X & .1X Tables .1X & .2X Tables 5 points/game
.25X Tables .5X Tables 10 points/game
.5X Tables  1X Tables 20 points/game
1X Tables  2X Tables 40 points/game
2X & above Tables 3X & above Tables 60 points/game


Alternatively you can enter the final tournaments with Adda52 loyalty points. If you are able to get a total of 5000 loyalty points during the promotion period (14 Sep to 1 Oct), you can enter the FPP final table.  The winner of the final FPP event can win a iPad Air 2 or Instant Bonus worth R­s. 40,000.

So if you are interested in this amazing tournament, play now and earn a iPad Air 2. Please do let us know your reviews on the rummy tournaments hosted in Adda52 in the comment section below.

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