Flash Rummy vs Download Client. Which is Better?

Christo Thomas | July 24th, 2014 | Rummy Games

flash rummy

If you are a frequent online rummy player, you will feel like finding a good rummy website is the hardest thing to do. But when you sort it out, there is always a misery of remembering your username and password every time you try to login. Some of us with less memory often don’t remember the passwords and we often use the same password that we are using for our e-mail accounts and other social media accounts. This is not safe and secure and also there is a possibility of a hack as long as you are playing with cash in the online flash rummy websites.

In order to save your credentials in the flash rummy website, you can either save your password in the browser or automatically re-login every time you want to play or use a download client that will rest on your desktop and with a click you can access everything about the rummy game. In both of these ways, using a download client for rummy websites is the easiest way as it doesn’t involve any unwanted pop ups coming up in between game as well as you can save your password in the client which makes it one click access to the game.

In flash rummy, you have to enter the URL and then wait for the login page to load and use your credentials to login and trust on your browser to remember your password which is risky considering other websites are also accessed using the same browser. Any malware or phishing technique can easily access your online flash rummy account password and other user information.

Furthermore, many websites like Ace2Three offers its players extra bonuses on players playing online rummy with their download client. So, we suggest and recommend you to play via download client considering the security and advantage of bonuses.

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