Durga Puja Special at Junglee Rummy

admin | September 27th, 2017 | Rummy Bonus

Durga Puja at Junglee Rummy

If you are looking forward to celebrating Durga Puja, head straight to Junglee Rummy, they are hosting the best Durga puja special promotion. You have the opportunity to win up to Rs.1,500 by participating in this special bonus promotion from Junglee Rummy.

The Durga Puja special promotion will be live on the site for two days, and you can claim the bonus to make the most out of your Junglee Rummy account.

Durga Puja Special Promotion Details

The special bonus promotion will be hosted in Junglee Rummy from 27th September to 28th September. To redeem the bonus, all you have to do is to win more than Rs.500, and you can claim your winner bonus. Players can win up to Rs.15,000 from this special winner bonus.

If you are in the mood of winning more at Junglee Rummy, make sure that you utilise this Durga Puja special promotion. To qualify for this promotion, all you have to do is to deposit a minimum of Rs.100 to your Junglee Rummy account. You can win from the prize pool as soon as you win more than Rs.500 during the promotion period. The more you win, the more winner bonus you can redeem. Please find the details of the bonus you can redeem by participating in this special promotion.

Winning Amount Bonus Disbursed
More than Rs.500 Redeem 1.5% Bonus (up to Rs.75) on your Winnings
More than Rs.5000 Redeem 1.5% Bonus (up to Rs.150) on your Winnings
More than Rs.10,000 Redeem 1.5% Bonus (up to Rs.375) on your Winnings
More than Rs.25,000 Redeem 1.5% Bonus (up to Rs.750) on your Winnings
More than Rs.50,000 Redeem 1.5% Bonus (up to Rs.1500) on your Winnings
More than Rs.1,00,000 Redeem 1.5% Bonus (up to Rs.7500) on your Winnings
More than Rs.5,00,000 Redeem 1.5% Bonus (up to Rs.15,000) on your Winnings


So, if you are ready to hit the tables and win some serious cash, head straight to Junglee Rummy and be a part of the Durga Puja specials. Also, read the Junglee Rummy review done by Rummy Mania. Please do let us know what you would like to see next on Rummy Mania.

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