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admin | April 5th, 2017 | News and Promotions

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Its sizzling summer and we have now more reasons to stay inside and play online rummy! Classic Rummy, the big name in Indian online rummy industry has announced a cashback deal which will run all this month of April. The cashback rummy promotion will only run for game variants pool and strikes cash games.

rummy promotion

The top 10 wagerers each week will be rewarded with a cash back amount worth Rs.50K. If you are a cash rummy player at Classic Rummy, join this rummy promotion by playing as much real money pool and strikes games.

Sizzling Cashback Rummy Promotion Details

The Sizzling Cashback rummy promotion from Classic Rummy will run all this month of April and will reward the top 10 wagerers each week with cash back of up to Rs.50,000. The whole rummy promotion is worth Rs.4 lakhs rewarding the top players who play real money pool and strikes games.

If you are still a free player in Classic Rummy, make a minimum deposit of Rs.100 and play at least one cash game to get counted as a cash player. Once you are a cash rummy player, you will be eligible to join all the exclusive promotions at this top online rummy website.

The cash back amount will be rewarded to top players of each variant as mentioned in the table below:

Ranks Cashback Amount
Rank 1 Rs.12,000
Rank 2 Rs.10,000
Rank 3 Rs.8000
Ranks 4 & 5 Rs.5000
Ranks 6 to 10 Rs.2000

If you are already playing pool and strikes games in Classic Rummy, it’s time to play more than ever. The cash back rewards are for only the top wagerers. So make sure you are play classic rummy online on tables of big buy-in values to wager a bigger amount. If you got a feedback on this rummy promotion, subscribe to our blog and post it in the comment section below.

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