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admin | November 7th, 2016 | General

rummy cashback

Classic Rummy has announced a new rummy cashback offer for the month of November 2016. The cashback amount will be rewarded to some of the lucky players and top wagerers in the month of November. A total cashback of Rs.22 lakhs can be claimed by playing every day or by topping the wagering list in Classic Rummy across all formats of the game.

rummy cashback

If you are a cash rummy player at Classic Rummy, it’s time to up your game and get as many cashback on the games you have lost. Login now and start playing!

Bumper Rummy Cashback Month Details

The Bumper Cashback Month from Classic Rummy will run on the entire month of November 2016. All the cash rummy players are eligible to avail this cashback offer by playing their favorite format of the game daily. Classic Rummy will reward 150 lucky players every day and will reward them with cash back worth up to Rs.5000.  By playing every day at Classic Rummy this November, players can claim a sum of Rs.16.5 lakhs as cashback only.

Other than these daily cashback deals, the players who top the wagering list for the month of November will also be rewarded with cashback bonuses worth Rs.5.5 lakhs. The cashback amount of Rs.5.5 Lakhs will be divided among the top 30 wagerers in the month of November across points, pool and deals rummy formats.

If you are new to this rummy website and want to know more about them before joining the promotion, read our review on Classic Rummy. If you have already availed this rummy cashback offer, let us know of your feedback in the comment section below. Also, subscribe to us to get the latest news on rummy promotions, tournaments, bonus offers and cashback deals on Indian rummy.

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