Card Games to Play with Family

admin | April 7th, 2014 | Rummy Games

card games

Card games were first invented and enjoyed by the Tang dynasty of China in around 9th century. Later on due to trades between China and other western countries, the game also developed into different variants.

At first, the card games were famous with royal families and lords. Later on due to the peasant system in those centuries, the game migrated and played by almost anyone. Now, we might have played and loved many games. Some like casino card games like Rummy, Teen Patti, Poker etc. while some others like Monopoly, Scopa etc. which are for the business minded.

But most of the card games became popular only because of the fun factor it provided while playing with the family. Game like rummy got so popular, that it got so many variants in each part of the world. Variants like pool rummy, gin rummy, canasta rummy etc. have adapted some rules from the original 13 card Indian rummy and became a game of its own. All of these games are played on social gathering occasions with family and friends. These card games allowed for enriching family conversations, chat sessions, gossiping and engaging with children as they being curious on the card game rules.

Present and Future of Card Games

Now card games like rummy and its variants are played online making it more accessible for far living friends and family members. The online version of rummy made the game more interesting by offering rewards, bonuses and special bonuses to its players. The rummy player can actually invite his friend or family member to play with him for cash and big bonuses. The advantage of social gaming was highly exploited by games like Zynga poker, which used the Facebook platform for maximum engagement.

To summarize, we can say that card games are a great way to engage with family and friends and they are here to stay as long as people view it as a fun way to engage with their loved ones.

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