Applying Rummy Rules to your Daily Life

Christo Thomas | April 5th, 2017 | Rummy Games

rules of rummy

Often motivation can be discovered in the least complicated things. For instance a very simple game like rummy and its rules that has now attained a lot more acceptance due to the switch to online mode, and you can study so many factors from it.

This might appear to be something that we are conveying flippantly. It is simply that Indian rummy is a game of such reasoning and a nice approach that only feels reasonable to utilize these rules and concepts to life. An additional justification of what we imply is listed below:

      1. Some things are better left for luck: There are many things in life as well as in rummy that we can’t control, and better left for luck. In a game of rummy it’s your sitting order, the joker and other cards you get. In life it is your mother and father, your appearance and the skills you are endowed with.
      2. Once you have the expenditure use your abilities to improve them: Our life will change the way we use our skills and talents that we are blessed with. In rummy also, we can’t decide upon the cards we get, but we have to try to win with our skills.
      3. Prioritize in order to achieve your goals: In 13 cards rummy, in order to win, you have to prioritize the cards, in sequences or sets. In life also, you have to prioritize many aspects, like studies, personal and professional issues to achieve your goals.
      4. Minimize errors by re-thinking and acting later: As you always have to play safe while playing rummy in order to lose less, the same approach should be taken onto your life. Always think twice before you go with the final decision. This reduces the percentage of errors and you don’t have to regret about any of the bad decisions you took.
      5. Never go over and above a limit: Always set a limit when you are playing rummy for cash. In life also, you might have to look your budget before spending too much than your income so that you don’t get bankrupt.
      6. Giving up sometimes is better than sure loss: In rummy, there are moments when you get bad cards and you might have to drop out of the game so that you don’t lose big. The same is with life too when there is an unreachable goal and you know, you are not going to achieve it.

Everything we do in our existence, regardless of how small or big it is, it has the prospective for educating you something precious, and a skill based game like rummy absolutely has a lot to provide. If you are interested in testing out this game of skills after reading this article and if you are unaware of the game terminologies and rules of the game, visit our category “How to Play Rummy”.

You can also join some of the popular online Indian rummy games websites for free and try your hand on practice tables or freerolls without losing any cash. In for an adventure? Make a deposit with any of these websites and join the cash tables for infinite fun and learning! If you have any queries on the game of rummy, post your questions in the comment section below.

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