Adda52 Clash 4 Cash Promotion

admin | October 10th, 2016 | Rummy Tournaments

adda52 clash 4 cash

Your reasons to play at Adda52 have just increased. The latest promotion from Adda52 is named ‘Clash 4 Cash’ with a total prize pool of Rs.30,000. The special promotion will be live for 3 days and every day the prize of Rs.10,000 is given away to the first 3 winners.

adda52 clash 4 cash

Clash 4 Cash Promotion Details

If you love playing rummy in Adda52, just head to the game lobby and start playing at the cash tables and you can win this special tourney. All you have to do is to play earn highest loyalty/game ratio. To earn high ratio, you have to play at games which gives you the highest loyalty points.

Loyalty Points # of Games Loyalty/Game Ratio Results
100 2 50 Rank 1
100 10 10 Rank 3
50 2 25 Rank 2

The players who are able to play more than 100 games in the time frame are eligible for the competition. So keep playing in the high loyalty point tables and earn more loyalty/game ratio. The player who comes first will receive Rs.5000 followed by Rs.3000 for the second winner and 2000 for the 3rd winner.

Clash 4 Cash Schedule

The special promotion from Adda52 will be live from 9th to 11th October for 3 days. You can win Rs. 10000 daily making its Rs.30000 for the clash 4 cash promotion. The entry criterion for the tournament is to play 100+ games per day. You can play in 13 cards (5x & above), 21 cards (3x & above) and 13 cards marriage (5x and above).

TABLES Entry Criteria Schedule Eligibility Criteria
13 Cards (5x & Above) FREE 9th Oct
10th Oct
11th Oct
100+ games
21 Cards (3x & Above)
13 Cards Marriage (5x & Above)

So if you are the one who loves playing cash games at Adda52, this promotion is for you. Head straight to the Adda52 website and start playing today. Please do let us know how the special clash 4 cash promotion went for you.

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