Ace2Three Rummy Holi Special Tourney

admin | March 5th, 2015 | Rummy Tournaments

holi special tourney

Ace2Three Rummy is bringing a special tourney on the event of Holi Festival. Join the Holi Special Tourney and take home cash prizes up to Rs.2,50,000.

holi special tourney

The Holi Special Tourney will begin on Saturday, 7th March at 2 PM. The good thing about this tourney is anybody having a Premium account with Ace2Three Rummy can join for Free and compete for the cash prizes. The tourney will be in 201 Pool Format with a maximum of 10,000 players. The winner of the tournament will take home Rs.17,650 in cash prizes.

The complete schedule of the Holi Special Tourney is given in the table below:

Level Time & Date Entry Total Prize Prize Per Winner Max Winners
Holi Special 1 2 PM – 7 Mar Free for Premium Players Rs.50,000 Rs.25 2000
Holi Special 2 4 PM – 7 Mar Winners from Holi Special 1 Rs.62,500 Rs.125 500
Holi Special 3 6 PM – 7 Mar Winners from Holi Special 2 Rs.62,500 Rs.500 125
Holi Special 4 2 PM – 8 Mar Winners from Holi Special 3 Rs.37,500 Rs.1500 25
Holi Special 5 4 PM – 8 Mar Winners from Holi Special 4 Rs.27,505 Rs.5501 5
Holi Special Final 6 PM – 8 Mar Winners from Holi Special 5 Rs.9,999 Rs.9,999 1

To read more about the best festival special tournaments, visit our Online Rummy Tournaments page. We wish you a Happy Holi and hope fame and fortune favor you!

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