Ace2Three Freedom Rummy Tournaments

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Ace2Three Freedom Rummy Tournaments

Ace2Three is bringing more chances for you to play with more freedom this August. Join the Independence Day special rummy tournaments named Freedom Tournaments and win cash prizes worth Rs.20 lakhs. Play more from the start of the month till 14th August 2015 to earn your seat for the mega rummy tournament scheduled for 15th and 16th August.

rummy tournaments

Freedom Rummy Tournaments Details

The Freedom Rummy Tournaments from Ace2Three will run from 1st August to 14th August 2015. You can join the tournaments for free and play until you reach the next round of the qualifiers. Re-joins are not allowed and only a sole winner from each round of the tourney will reach the next level of qualifiers/mega event. The rummy tournaments will be held in 201 Pool Rummy format. There will be 14 free qualifiers and you can be the lucky one to grab the big cash prize of Rs.20 LAKHS.

The complete schedule of the qualifier rounds is as mentioned in table below:

Tournament Name Date Entry Max Players Max Winners Total Prize Prize/Winner
Qualifier 1st Aug – 14th Aug Free 5000 1000 Rs.50,000 Rs.50+Ticket to Final 1

Only the players who have won the qualifiers will reach the Final 1 of the mega rummy tournaments. The mega rummy tournaments consists of 6 stages and only the ace players will reach the Grand Final to win a whopping cash prize of Rs.50,000. The complete details of the mega rummy tournaments is as given in the table below:

Tournament Name Date Entry Max Players Max Winners Total Prize Prize/Winner
Final 1 15th Aug 2:00 PM Qualifier Winners 12,000 2400 Rs.6 Lakhs Rs.250
Final 2 15th Aug 4:00 PM Final 1 Winners 2400 480 Rs.2.4 Lakhs Rs.500
Final 3 15th Aug 6:00 PM Final 2 Winners 480 96 Rs.2.4 Lakhs Rs.2500
Final 4 16th Aug 2:00 PM Final 3 Winners 96 24 Rs.1.2 Lakhs Rs.5000
Final 5 16th Aug 4:00 PM Final 4 Winners 24 6 Rs.59,994 Rs.9999
Grand Finale 15th Aug 6:00 PM Final 5 Winners 6 1 Rs.50,000 Rs.50,000

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