9 Player Online Rummy Game Introduced By Ace2Three

admin | March 25th, 2014 | News and Promotions

9 player online rummy

Ace2Three, has introduced 9 Player Rummy Table for the online rummy fans who have been seeking out for fresh challenges to develop their skills.

The 9 players game is a much more polished variation of the ordinary 13 card Indian rummy. While the normal rummy game restricts the number of players to 6 on a table, the ‘9 Player Rummy’ is what the name indicates, 9 players on a table. And with 9 skilled players looking to win the card game, the craze can quickly get to unlimited dimensions.

If players are seeking for a refreshing online rummy alternatives that keep the nerves high, then this is certainly is. Most followers of the 13 card rummy games know the popular variations of the game, i.e. 101 pool, 201 pool and points rummy.

Here is how the 9 players game varies from other rummy versions. The 9 Player Rummy edition utilizes 3 card decks on the table. Just visualize what that could do to the already feverish emotions at an online rummy table. With so many cards to handle and so many people participating, players could take part in this game only for the form of excitement it delivers.

The guidelines for 9 Player Online Rummy are related to the regular online rummy game, apart from these:-

  • A sequence of three Jokers can be regarded as a Pure Life.
  • Three Cards of one kind (Kanishtha) can also be viewed as a Pure Life.
  • A table will need a bare minimum of 6 Players for a Game to get started.
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