7 Daily Jackpot Rummy Tournaments at RummyCircle

admin | September 18th, 2017 | Rummy Tournaments

7 daily rummy tournaments rummycircle

RummyCircle has announced not one but seven big rummy tournaments which can reward you with Rs.25,250 in cash prizes. You can join these tournaments with a very low entry fee or also for free depending on the tourney you are joining in. If you are good with multiple online rummy variation, this is your time to prove your skills and win big.

Login and play every day in these 7 Daily Jackpot Tournaments to win cash prizes with minimum spending. As these are low-entry fee tournaments, you will be seated on the basis of first-come-first-serve basis. So, login to your account now and join the upcoming rummy tournaments.

Details of 7 Daily Jackpot Rummy Tournaments

There will be 7 daily rummy tournaments at RummyCircle running from 7:00 AM onwards. The tournaments are named Sunrise Jackpot, Premium Jackpot, Loyalty Jackpot and Power Jackpot. You can join the Power Jackpot scheduled at 7:00 PM for Free while other rummy tournaments do have a very little entry fee. If you are well versed with online Indian rummy card game rules and the strategies involved, this is your time to spend less and test your game with multiple strategies.

A total prize pool of Rs.25,250 can be won by winning all these 7 rummy tournaments. The complete prize structure and schedule are as mentioned in the table below:

Tournament Name Schedule Entry Fee Prize Pool First Prize
Sunrise Jackpot Daily 7:00 AM Rs.10 Rs.4000 Rs.1000
Premium Jackpot 1 Daily 11:00 AM Rs.1 Rs.2750 Rs.2000
Premium Jackpot 2 Daily 9:00 PM Rs.3 Rs.3500 Rs.2250
Loyalty Jackpot 1 Daily 1:00 PM Rs.5 Rs.2500 Rs.1850
Loyalty Jackpot 2 Daily 4:00 PM Rs.10 Rs.3000 Rs.2200
Loyalty Jackpot 3 Daily 11:00 PM Rs.1 Rs.2000 Rs.1400
Power Jackpot Daily 7:00 PM Free Rs.7500 Rs.3500

These rummy tournaments are open to all real money players at RummyCircle. To become a cash rummy player at RummyCircle, all you need to do is to make at least one cash deposit and play a cash rummy game.

If you have already participated in these rummy tournaments, let us know of your experience by posting your comments below. Also, subscribe to RummyMania to get the latest updates on premium online rummy sites in India.

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