The 3 Types of Online Rummy Players

Christo Thomas | August 11th, 2014 | Rummy Strategies

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Ok, so you have joined an online rummy website and you do enjoy playing every day. But do you know on which category of players you fall in? There are different characteristics for each kind of players and you can know how well they can play by reading their gameplay. How to do it? That’s what this article is all about.

3 Characteristics of Online Rummy Players

So, basically there are 3 types of online rummy players. They are,

  1. Aggressive
  2. Cautious
  3. Fun Loving

1. Aggressive: The players who fall under this category are the most noisy out there. They can get into your nerves by playing pretty fast and sending you chat messages to play fast too. They don’t often think before their game and most often lose the game too. But if you fall for chat messages, they can outsmart you and can win some games too. So, it’s better to stay on your plan and play your game if you encounter any of these aggressive ones in an online rummy game.

2. Cautious: Well, cautious rummy players are often boring. They play until the last seconds of the extra time and plan each of their moves. They can read your moves as well because of the time they take. So, if you come face to face with these guys, play your safe game and drop whenever possible, because taking risks every time is not worthy if you are playing rummy for cash. Also, plan your game accordingly when they take extra time and it’s better to eliminate any high point cards at the beginning of the rummy game itself.

3. Fun Loving: The best rummy players around there. These guys play for fun and don’t really care about the wins or lose. They can be recognized pretty well by the brag messages they send on the chat box after a win or two even though their win percentage is too low. These rummy players are mostly the best ones if you are playing on practice or free tables but can make you really angry if you are playing for cash in rummy.

So, keep these points in your mind and lookout for these amazing characters when you are playing online rummy. Getting to know different types of rummy players is also good for you because you can develop your various rummy skills based on this.

Hope you enjoyed reading 3 different types of online rummy players. If you have any suggestions or topic that we should write about, let us know in the comment section below. We will be happy to take your suggestions, review and write about it. Also, do check out our daily News and Promotions page for the daily dose of rummy news all around the world.

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