3 Mobile Rummy Apps to Play Real Money Games

Christo Thomas | June 13th, 2017 | Rummy Apps

mobile rummy apps

Rummy games have come out of time and how! The skill based card game is now considered among one of the most popular games of the decade with millions of people enjoying it both online and offline. If you have been enjoying this game for long, it’s time to upgrade your game and start playing on your smartphone with mobile rummy apps.

mobile rummy apps

Online gaming platforms in India have made it easier for players to play rummy online with free cash credited into their account while installing the mobile rummy app for the first time. Because of the same, there is a leap in the number of players enjoying rummy on mobile than on web. With faster mobile network and a better technology in smartphones and tablets, the numbers are meant to grow in the near future. If you are willing to experience mobile rummy at its best, check out the top 3 rummy apps that every pro player is talking about right now!

Junglee Rummy Mobile App

When it comes to giving daily rewards to players, Junglee Rummy stands one step ahead with their daily promotions. If you have a mobile rummy app installed in your device, joining these promotions gets much easier and so, you can improve your chances on winning real money. To download the Junglee Rummy mobile app, just login to the website with your credentials and click on the ‘Mobile Rummy’ category. Download the APK file to your desktop and move it your mobile device for easy installation or give a missed call to 08030088467 to get a download link. You can also enter your mobile number in the field provided or scan the QR code to download the APK file directly to your mobile device.

Classic Rummy Mobile App

The web version of Classic Rummy is one of the best when it comes to gameplay and the localization of the content. They have stepped up their game and have launched the mobile rummy app that allows a player to play with real money. To do this, players just need to visit the Classic Rummy website and visit the ‘Mobile’ category. Once you add your mobile number in the field provided or give a missed call to 9390793907, you will receive a text with a download link. Download and install the APK file to your mobile device and start playing real money games.

Ace2Three Mobile Rummy App

Ace2Three is the pioneer in bringing online rummy to India. They are still one of the biggest and most trusted websites in offering 13 and 21 cards rummy in India and may get more bigger in number of loyal players with the launch of mobile rummy app. To install the app into your smartphone, just visit the ‘Mobile App’ category and call Toll Free number 1800-123-9960. You will receive a link to download mobile rummy app directly to your device. Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code or add your mobile number on the field provided in the page to download the app.

With each passing day, playing rummy is getting easier and easier. Once we used to find it hard to hold the 13 cards and used to complain about shuffling and calculation of points. But as technology took over all of these disadvantages, the skill based card game has become one of the easiest game to win real money. If you haven’t started playing this game yet, it’s time to do so by installing a mobile rummy app of your choice. So, join the tables and start playing!

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