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RummyCircle, one of the top rummy websites from India has announced exciting rummy tournaments that will reward you with prize money as well as with extra bonus cash. If you are a cash rummy player or a Bronze Club member with RummyCircle, you can join any of these rummy tournaments and compete for a big cash prize worth more than Rs.7 lakhs along with a bonus of up to 200%.

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So, its Your Strike now and your time to decide on which rummy tournament you should join. A player can only play on one tournament. Decide wisely and play skilfully to grab as much rewards as possible.

Your Strike Rummy Tournaments Details

The Your Strike rummy tournaments from RummyCircle is scheduled for 25th May 2016 at 6:00 PM. The registrations will run from 2:30 PM until 5:55 PM. If you are a cash rummy player or a Bronze Club member with RummyCircle, you can join any one of these rummy tournaments and play for cash prizes up to Rs.7.2 Lakhs.

The four rummy tournaments are named Splendid Sixer, Marvellous Boundary, Dashing Double and Smooth Single. In order to join the Smooth Single tourney, you need to a Bronze Club member. The entry fee varies for each of these tourneys and you can join only one tourney at a time.

The complete details of the rummy tournaments are as mentioned in the table below:

Tourney Name

Schedule Eligibilty Entry Fee

Prize Pool

Splendid Sixer

25th May 6:00 PM Cash Players Rs.4000 Rs.7.2 Lakhs

Marvellous Boundary

25th May 6:00 PM Cash Players Rs.1500

Rs.2.7 Lakhs

Dashing Double

25th May 6:00 PM Cash Players Rs.200

Rs.1.7 Lakhs

Smooth Single 25th May 6:00 PM Bronze Club Rs.25


The special bonus will be valid only for players who are joining any of these tourneys and will be awarded according the tournament they have joined. The bonus will go live on 26th June between times 6:00 PM and 11:59 PM.

To read more about the website and their special offers, read our review on RummyCircle. Got a feedback on these rummy tournaments? Post it in the comment section below.

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