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Adda52 is celebrating the arrival autumn with a blast! You can enjoy the season’s freshness with Adda52 and their special autumn blast promotion! You have the opportunity to win from the prize pool of Rs.1,50,000 with this special promotion. The Autumn Blast promotion will be running in the Adda52 website for 15 days and you can choose to play from the different tables to win the amazing cash prize.

Autumn Blast Promotion

If you are an existing cash player at Adda52, you can take part in this special promotion. Hit straight to Adda52 and start playing rummy today and earn big.

Autumn Blast Promotion Details & Schedule

Enjoy the autumn season and earn big by playing maximum cash games at Adda52. The Autumn Blast promotion will be running from 1 October 2016 to 15 October 2016. The top 12 players who play in the designated tables will win from the awesome prize pool of Rs.1.5 Lakh. You have 15 days to take part in this amazing promotion, so start playing now!

You need to play 500 or more cash games in the 13 cards (7x & above), 21 cards (3x & above) and 13 Cards (5x & above) formats to quality for this promotion to win from Rs.1,25,000 prize pool. Alternatively players can also play 500 or more cash games in the lower tables like 13 cards (5x & below), 21 cards (2x & below) and 13 Cards (2x & below) to win from the Rs.25,000 prize pool. Below is the detailed list of games that you can take part in the Autumn Blast promotion.

Game Formats 13 Cards: 7x & Above
21 Cards: 3x & Above
13 Cards Marriage : 5x & Above
13 Cards: 5x & Below
21 Cards: 2x & Below
13 Cards Marriage : 2x & Below
Schedule 1st Oct – 15th Oct 1st Oct – 15th Oct
Eligibility Criteria 500 or above 500 or above
Prize Pool Rs. 1,25,000* Rs. 25,000*

The first 12 players will be eligible for the prizes. The prize pool distribution will be in the following format:

Winner # Prize Pool
1st Rs. 30000
2nd Rs. 20000
3rd Rs. 15000
4th to 6th Rs. 10000 x 3
7th to 12th Rs. 5000 x 6

So if you are interested in taking part in this amazing promotion, go straight to Adda52 and start playing rummy today. Please do let us know your reviews on the special Autumn Blast Promotion by Adda52. Keep Playing!

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