Ace2Three Launches Rummy Anna Commercial

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Ace2Three Rummy has launched a new commercial that will be running on electronic as well as on other social media platforms. The advertisement focuses on rummy enthusiasts who are unable to play because they have no partners. The video gives a message to register at Ace2Three Rummy because they have more than 40 lakh players and you don’t have to look anywhere else to find an online rummy partner. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

Ace2Three Rummy Video Concept

The video starts with Rummy Anna, the lead hero of the ad going places to get a partner so that he can play rummy with them. He asks everyone from his work place, gym, neighborhood and even two guys who look like thieves but all he can manage to get from them is slap and face palms. At end of the video, as he is seriously disappointed with the way people are treating him for his request to play rummy with him, he invites over aliens from Jupiter. But the aliens are smarter than him and advices him to play online rummy on his mobile or anywhere he wants with over 40 lakh people. Now Rummy Anna is happy playing rummy on his device until one of his colleague mess up his game. The video ends with a slap to his colleague!

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One comment on “Ace2Three Launches Rummy Anna Commercial

  1. This is hideous and derogatory. The guy is being slapped by so many people. After watching this Video, I will never go and play at Ace2three. As a rummy player, I feel bad that we are being shown in such poor light. Its shameful. I don’t know who is the moron who came up with this idea. Its a insult for all rummy players. Rummy players are smart, intelligent people and this just makes them look stupid and idiots. I am surprised, how did they even put this video up on their channel. #BoycottRummyAnna

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